Year Zero Foundation was founded by Sunchea Phou who was born during the Khmer Rouge (see History). During this time, Sunchea tragically lost her father and her brothers. She left Cambodia at the age of 7 and spent almost 5 years in a refugee camp.

In 1988, Sunchea moved to Quebec, Canada, where she gained an education in French and taught herself English. She currently lives in Portland, Oregon and feels privileged and thankful at having the chance to live in North America and gain access to a good education and other opportunities.

After years of challenging experiences and hard work, Sunchea finally has the opportunity to help the less fortunate people in Cambodia. She understands the suffering and harsh situations that still afflict communities and wants to do whatever she can to aid her fellow country people, one step at a time.

In 2003, Sunchea visited Cambodia for the first time in 20 years, where she witnessed the hardship and atrocities that still continue. In December 2012, she returned to Cambodia to begin her first mission under Year Zero Foundation, with the primary aim of helping to provide basic needs, with clean water as a top priority.

Year Zero Foundation will provide water filters to communities and to individual families that live in remote locations far from the communities. This will be an ongoing project that will continue until most of the population in need is covered. The Foundation also aims to help with basic medicines for fever, primarily for children who are most vulnerable and will distribute food when it is desperately needed. Sadly, a large number of children die from simple fever due to the lack of clinics in the rural areas and/or parents who can’t afford to purchase the appropriate medicine. For more details, please refer to the mission page.