January 2013 – Built school and provided supplies for kids in the remote area (jungle)

January 2013 – Provided water filter to school and village

December 2012 – A trip to a remote area (jungle)

December 2012 – She is now passed away after multiple attempts to help her.Lady6

December 2012 – One nice 18 years old boyDSC_0123

December 2012 – Provided clothes to the villagers

Advil Packing Party at Nike – GPA – October 15th 2012

Cambodia Trip in 2003 – During Flood Season

Canoes were the only transportation for most of flooded villages

Half of the house was submerged in the water but still people were living in there

Water was muddy and filthy

The girl was washing her vegetables in the swamp in front of her house

 Rice Donation in Cambodia in 2003

Each person represented one family and got one bag of rice and one bag of medicine

Most of these children didn’t have proper clothing and shoes

We gave money as we ran out of cookies and candies, there were so many children than expected

School Supplies