The mission of the Year Zero Foundation is to improve the overall living conditions of Cambodians by providing basic essentials, such as clean water, food and medicine, educating children and communities and creating more diverse employment opportunities, with the ultimate aim of helping the people to rebuild the country as a whole.

64% of the Cambodian population do not currently have access to clean water. Therefore, the first phase of our mission is to enable these communities to gain that access. In order to accomplish this goal, we are focusing on our Water Filter Courier Program. We will organize fundraising to purchase water filters and recruit couriers to distribute these where they are most needed. With your help, we can achieve this objective more quickly and begin to improve the desperate situation of the Cambodian community before it deteriorates further.

Sunchea witnessed children washing their vegetables in the swamp in front of their house (Home page picture). This swamp was filthy and awash with plastic bags and garbage. Worse still, during the flood season the sewer mixes with the swamp water and other water sources, resulting in illness and death. With the provision of water filters, communities can access clean water, which will be a major contribution to better health.

Due to Khmer Rouge (1975 – 1979), Cambodia regressed by 2000 years. (See History). After the war, the country experienced extreme poverty, which continues to worsen. As a tragic consequence of the starvation, desperation and lack of education, children from the age of 5, primarily girls, are being sold to brothels by their parents or family members. These children have also been exported to other countries. Many boys stay on the streets and become involved in drugs and bagging for money.

Other children scavenge on municipal, disease-ridden rubbish dumps for anything that can be sold for recycling in order to provide a meager income for their families.

At Year Zero Foundation, we aim to:

  • Provide communities, especially children, with the most basic of needs: food, fever medicines and access to clean water through provision of water filters
  • Give children the opportunity to receive a good education, as they are key to creating a better future for Cambodia. This means reducing poverty
  • Help communities to generate income in as many ways as opportunity allows. Sunchea will personally work with villagers and train them to produce crafts to the international quality standard and find markets for their work. Thus they will received a higher rate of pay and generate more employment for others. If parents can generate income, it means the children don’t need to work so they can focus on their schoolwork. It will also prevent the desperate situation of child trafficking

If the project is successful within Sunchea’s focus village, she will implement the same to other villages. In terms of the international market, she will sell those crafts via her website and to other retailers, as well as encouraging friends and families to buy for a fundraising event. All proceeds will be channeled back to the foundation. It’s a win-win situation for both villagers/communities and children.